The best mesh scuba gear bag, custom-made, just for you

 You decide which colors you want for your bag.  

Bold colors for straps, body, pocket and both ends.

Over 1,000,000 possible combinations


 SplashBag stands out on the beach, on the dock or on the boat.

 (nobody will "accidentally" grab your gear bag ever again)


Simply the toughest mesh dive bag you can buy.  Designed by dive instructors and made in Key Largo from practically indestructible PVC coated polyester mesh, your Splashbag is so rugged it’s guaranteed for years.  

...and something actually made in America.  

What does your gear bag say about you?

Think about it.  You've spent thousands of dollars on training and you've  painstakingly researched your equipment.  The right snorkel color, the right mask shape, those special fins.  Face it, you're proud of your gear you care about how it works and how it looks.  So why  put it in a generic looking bag?





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